Final major project

Breif – Tramlines   The Tramlines Festival is an annual music festival held in Sheffield. The festival has in the past been free to attend, and the line-up consists of national and local artists. The festival is curated and organised by a panel comprising local venue owners, promoters and volunteers. The name of the festival is inspired by the city’s tram […]

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D&AD Desperados

Where is Desperados beer made? Desperados Tequila Beer. I’m a Golden Pale Lager brewed in France. Desperados Tequila Flavored Beer is the first tequila flavored beer. It is a highly refreshing gold coloured and full bodied lager beer with the extra kick and the exotic imagery of the tequila flavoring. Bus stop designs catch students and […]

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Professional Design

Personal Stationery Quote I have sent out 3 emails to 3 separate companies asking for specific details on the print work of my business cards. I have sent this to three different print firms so I can compare prices. The companies I have sent to.. Instant print Saxo print Print house Email Replies With Quote […]

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Rough Guide City Branding

The Brief I am expected to investigate, research and analyse the marketing context for the product/brand by utilising Word press to record and annotate the subject of branding in general and specifically about my Rough Guide City Brand 2016. The above information should then become part of my report and evaluation, compiled and written to support […]

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Web Design

HOW WE ENGAGE WITH THE WEB What are the different uses/ types of websites? Social Media (Facebook, twitter) Shopping  (Asda, Apple,) Entertainment (Netflix, youtube) News (BBC, ITV) Blogs (WordPress, Information (wikipedia, BBC) What are the benefits of having a website? The benefits of having a website are endless, but one of the main reasons is […]

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Work-based Learning

Gripple Brief Foundation Degree Live Project Brief 2015 – Set by Gripple The Company One particularly damp day in 1986, a wire- salesman and budding entrepreneur named Hugh Facey found himself on a wet hillside in Wales discussing the woes of fencing with a frustrated farmer. Aggravated by cumbersome ways of joining fence wires by […]

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Research Advertising:   I found this image which shows a van that is advertising mars bar, i think this is effective because its creative and makes use of all the truck by using a truck size chocolate bar. It also looks appealing because if your hungry on a long journey this could get people to […]

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