Research – Different Marques The Marques/logotypes that I am going to pick will be ones that i think are most rememberable and graphically strong.   These logos are easily recognisable to a big percent of people and this is because they are all big companies which are seen all over the world but at some […]

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Contextual studies

Visual Communication Shapes – how shapes convey meaning Square: – Boring – Reliable – Solid Triangle: – Strong – Structure – Hierarchy – Construction Upside Down Triangle: -Unstable -No balance -Unsafe -liability Packaging Covey The Product – I found these on the internet when typing in packaging, this is one example of how packaging can […]

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iWonder – Brief  “iWonder is an exciting new product, created to revolutionise the way people interact with world-class BBC content.” We designed a future-facinidentity to work across the online product and extend into print and broadcast.” This is the summation statement by the design company studio output… …who produced and developed the iWonder visual […]

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Digital Design Intro

The words I have chosen to describe through digital design is – Phobia is something that brings fear or irritation to people. – Depression can affect a person’s thoughts, behaviour and feelings, when suffering this people can feel sad, anxious, empty, hopeless, worried, guilty, alone, lost or hurt. – Energy is something that is required […]

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Brief As a focus for the assignment, you are to explore the essential visual meaning of a word. In this case you all have the same word and that word is… ‘Structure’ Our world is structured. From the spiral of the DNA which determines our existence, to the veins of a leaf… to the architecture […]

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