Brief As a focus for the assignment, you are to explore the essential visual meaning of a word. In this case you all have the same word and that word is… ‘Structure’ Our world is structured. From the spiral of the DNA which determines our existence, to the veins of a leaf… to the architecture […]

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Intro to design

For the intro to design i have been set a project which involves creating and developing a structure through out the brief it says that we will need to create a structure and place it somewhere and hand in a super impose  image of the structure and the place. To start the project i am […]

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Intro To Design – Mind Map

This is my mind map I decided to put structure in the middle with 5 main parts around which are materials, location, size, inspiration and concepts. For each one I labeled different ideas and made some concepts out of some of the ideas I had picked. I also did some small sketches of some shapes […]

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These are two sketches i have made of designs i would like to try and make out of card i think these will work well because if i get the positioning right and the lines accurate they should sit together tightly and neatly this should create a square shaped   structure which is made from […]

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At the start of this project i planned to start by mind mapping ideas then moving this through to research which would hopefully give me inspiration or more ideas which could either improve my sketches or totally change them, The process i chose to use for this project went well and it gave me the […]

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