Research Advertising:



I found this image which shows a van that is advertising mars bar, i think this is effective because its creative and makes use of all the truck by using a truck size chocolate bar. It also looks appealing because if your hungry on a long journey this could get people to stop of at a service station for a mars bar.



I like this poster because it shows a person climbing a wall but also makes the shadow in to a spider to imply that this is spider man, and the text says straight to the point “the untold story”. I think the colours used for this is good because the text stands out from the black and links well with the light above. I think the photography is good because you can’t see the persons face which makes you want to see the film even more.





I like this poster because it shows that not only can you burn calories and be healthier by cycling to work but you can also help the earth by not driving. I like how this has been showed using illustrations. The sweat and the tires made in to the earth are the most effective parts of this design because they are the main parts that show what the text is explaining.

WWF Advertising:


This is one example of the advertising that WWF create and it shows that we are cutting down trees and they have made it simple so that your brai starts thinking about the different effects it haves, like the environment, nature and even lowers the oxygen on earth. On this poster it shows in the bottom right hand corner the panda under the tree which as you can see is there home.





These two are one of my favourite because the design is really creative and they are all about how animals are going extinct. and how easily it is happening, It is also showing how there is a time limit before everything changes. The animals that are usually used in these types of posters are ones which are almost extinct or ones which only have a certain amount left on earth, this makes it more effective because it shows that it is happening right now.




I also like this one because its a really creative way to show lungs and considering that trees and plants are what provide oxygen for our lungs, it also shows trees cut down and taking away parts of the lungs showing there will be less and less oxygen in time. The colour used is green this is because trees and nature are green and it is also connected with nature and the environment.



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