Digital Design Intro

The words I have chosen to describe through digital design is

Phobia is something that brings fear or irritation to people.

Depression can affect a person’s thoughts, behaviour and feelings, when suffering this people can feel sad, anxious, empty, hopeless, worried, guilty, alone, lost or hurt.

Energy is something that is required for sustained physical or mental activity, energy exists in many forms such as heat, kinetic, light, potential energy, electric and mechanical energy.

Isolation is either the feeling of isolation or physically being isolated.If you was feeling isolated this could be caused by anxiety or depression. If you were in prison or in the hospital with a virus this would be physical isolation where you are isolated from seeing people or the world.

– Illusion is something that is confusing or unreal which can be false perception or false belief.

Decay is something which can decompose or rot for example an apple or teeth.

Transition is the process or a period of changing from one state or condition to another.

Seduction is something that seduces or has the qualities to seduce.

Movement is an act of moving or can also mean a group of people working to advance their political, social or artistic ideas.

Beauty is a comination of quality such as colour, form or shape which pleases the aesthetic senses.

Research – Phobia

1phobiaphobia2phobiaScreen Shot 2014-10-08 at 14.39.19

I have researched some images from typing in phobia on google, I found out that most of the pictures people are using there hands to cover up there face or eyes, I think this is like a protective shield which makes them feel safe when they are nerves or scared. I also found a list of the top 10 phobias which will help me when generating ideas. From these pictures i can see that phobias can terrify people and that there is many ways to portray it.


200_s beauty girl cry masking_depression__by_gabrielalove naturalremediesfordepression

When researching depression most of the images i found were people sat in a dark room with their hands over there face which shows they are upset or alone and in a really bad mental state. I kept looking because i wanted to find something different which shows more than some one sat in a corner, I found three other images one is someone holding a gun which shows they have got to a stage where they cant fight it any more then the second one is a clear picture os someone crying close up which is a more up and personal then the one which is my favourite is the girl holding the paper with a smile on because this one shows a fake smile and you cant see whats behind the paper, I think that this means most people have a mask and you have to look behind the mask to find out the truth. For this word i would like to find a more powerful way of showing this word rather than the typical ideas.


050813_1114_WhyEnergyAb1 images imagesd red_energy_gym

When researching energy I found so many ideas because there is so many ways to describe energy in a picture. I have chosen the first one because it shows the energy between two people I think this image has been designed well because of the way the hands look electric as well as the bolt in-between. I picked the second one because its really creative how they have made the plug in to green grass showing a greener natural way for energy. I like the bulb because it shows energy using the sun rather than creative and bad causes to nature or the environment but also is appropriate to be in a bulb because it creates electricity. And the last image I found was some one using long exposure to capture light movement and this one has been done really well to get more than one object in the same picture.


isolation190-articleInline isolation Splendid_Isolation_672_4462 Unknown

When searching for images for isolation i found that most of then were people unhappy and alone, maybe even trapped. All the photos are dark and gloomy and don’t seem to show the persons face. The last picture i found was a very common used one which is someone in a room alone sat down against the wall. This is generally used because it shows no hope. The picture with the boat is harder to understand because it is isolation but it may not be in a bad way because this particular person may prefer to be alone. I think i will try using some one happy, perhaps smiling to show that isolation isn’t always bad and can be tranquil and peaceful for some people.


ImageGen.ashx tooth-decay-bad-breath Urban-Decay2 urbanphotos19

When researching decay it came up mostly with food and old buildings which had either decayed or fallen down. For this i would like to look at different types of decay and compare them with there similarities and there differences. For each of the four images i chose to look at they are similar but different things, The apple has decayed and will slowly keep going till none is left were as the buildings have decayed and look run down but still have the structure.


131014_autumn_leaves_lg article-0-066371B8000005DC-460_634x544 butterflylifecycle moon-transit2014

I researched transition and it came up with a variety if different ideas, the first one shows the colours of the leafs between summer and autumn which i think looks good because you can see the change. The one i probably like the most is the one with the moon because it shows the moon over a month and how it changes from small to a full moon and back. I also like the photography on this image because it has been taken with a really good view and makes the design more effective.


0925-remy4 seduction_foods_and_recipes The_Art_Of_Seduction_by_Magnanimously screen-shot-2013-02-22-at-7-37-27-pm

I decided for seduction i would focus on foods and drinks and how they have been used for seduction. I think that food is looked at in this way because it can be incorperated with people and they can use it to look seductive. Strawberries are commonly used because of there colour red and there sweet taste.


images23 images34 images56 movement-1

I researched movement and found some interesting photography, i picked these four pictures because i like the different ideas that have been used. Looking at the bear being so clear with the background blurred out which looks like its going in a circle works well for the word.


images65 images76 images98 Unknown34

For beauty i would like to use photography to show scenery which could be used in many different ways one could be bright sky with green grass or i could go for a different approach and use the night with lights lighting up the city. I think i might have to experiment both sides and chose then.

Development for energy

DSCN7502 DSCN7509  DSCN7516 DSCN7520 DSCN7529 DSCN7497

My development shows a lot of different things i tried and i learnt how far from the camera i needed to be and using smaller lights were better than thick lights. Some of my images didn’t go so well which made me try other things and i think the best ones were when i did lots of wavy lines.

Final designs for energy

energy 1 energy 4 energy2 energy3 energy5

These are my final designs for energy.  I used fireworks, sparklers and other light sources to create these images and used long exposure in the dark to capture the light. For the fireworks I put the exposure time on four seconds and for the torch designs I put the exposure time up to eight seconds so it gave me more time. I think this shows energy well because of the light and the way the images shows the movement of the lines.

Phobia Development

DSCN7446 DSCN7450 DSCN7449 DSCN7448 DSCN7452

This is the development of the word phobia. I decided to use halloween paints and fake blood to make a scary face. I chose a alleyway to use as the location because its dark and narrow, also there is a light above which can be used for the photography. I wanted the eyes to be black and all around the eyes because i wanted them to be hard to see, and the face i wanted to be really pale.

Phobia Outcomes

100_7520 DSCN7466 DSCN7469

I also created a clown face out of the halloween makeup and I think these images are good examples of phobia because a lot of people are scared of clowns also people are scared of the dark and people create images of people.

Phobia Final Outcomes

phobia 2 phobia1 100_7520

These are my final outcomes for phobia, I think these show the word well because they look scary and I believe i chose the right place to take them. I think the time that it took to paint the face was worth it because the outcomes look good and portray the word well.


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