As a focus for the assignment, you are to explore the essential visual meaning of a word. In this case you all have the same word and that word is…


Our world is structured. From the spiral of the DNA which determines our existence, to the veins of a leaf… to the architecture of a snowflake. We then structure our environment: the keys on a keyboard, the windows in a high-rise block, the timetable you are following! Structure is essential to effective communication. (Consider the chaos of written communication without punctuation or grammatical organisation.) Structure is integral to visual design, whether it be the composition of an image/photograph or the balance and alignment of elements on a printed page. Grid systems in magazines and publications ensure a cohesive and organised method of visual control, enabling and promoting legibility and readability. Effectively you must, as a designer, develop and consider structure in everything that you conceive – even if, at times, you then ‘break the rules’ for dramatic effect. You are then required to conceive, design and produce a reduced scale Maquette[1] of a piece of interior public art based upon and conveying the theme of structure. Think of how you can convey the word ‘structure’ visually within a 3D context. Try to be as inventive and creative as possible, whilst ensuring that your outcome communicates clearly. You can use any materials, techniques and processes you consider to be practical and relevant but within the assignment you must include the application of digital imageryUltimately you are asked to digitally superimpose your final 3D model within an appropriate setting.


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