photo 2-1photo 1-1

These are two sketches i have made of designs i would like to try and make out of card i think these will work well because if i get the positioning right and the lines accurate they should sit together tightly and neatly this should create a square shaped   structure which is made from eight triangles and will stand up by itself and won’t need a stand.

photo 1photo 2

I created some shapes out of hexagons i used thick card so it would brake as easily, I made slots which you can slide the shapes into i did this because i thinks its better than glue or any other way. I think if i use a shape like this it could be a shelter with benches inside in a park. I like how neat the slots are because they go perfectly to the edge.

photo 3photo 4

I created my next shapes out of paper first before i do it in card to make sure it works, This is made of 8 triangles which slot together using the same techniques as the hexagons, I like this structure more because it looks artistic and should look really good when i try to do it with thick card. When i make it i will have to make sure all the slots are the same size so that they all go to the edge and no further.

Screen Shot 2014-09-22 at 14.20.27

This is the photo i had taken of my structure, i did this out side because i wanted to use a natural light source because it will be placed out side when finished. i also used a white background because it is easier to identify the black shapes when cutting it out. I used the polygon lasso tool to cut my shape out because it gave me straight edges when zoomed in. I like this picture because i think the angle is perfect for when i place it somewhere in sheffield. To give the card a metal effect i was going to use silver spray paint but because i only had one of these i didn’t want to ruin it so i decided to try on photoshop.

Screen Shot 2014-09-29 at 10.25.25STEEL2

When i brought it in to photoshop i found a picture of steel on the internet and used this to make my structure look metal. I placed the steel over the structure and inverted it through. I then used the polygon tool to select different parts to add darker parts for the shading, also i used the polygon tool to sharpen up the edges and make the thin strips metal as well as the faces. I made the shading towards the bottom because the sun was straight above and this would make the shading smaller but dark.

Screen Shot 2014-09-29 at 10.25.35

This is my structure and the image i took in graves park i took this from a low angle because i wanted to get the same effect that i got when taking the picture of my structure i also lightened the image and made the sky brighter because it was quite grey. I got two friends to look up at the structure so it will look like people are really looking at it. To superimpose this i will need to cut out the parts that are in front of the people then make sure all the shading is in the right place. I will then need to make shading on the floor which will all be underneath because of the place of the sun.

Screen Shot 2014-09-30 at 09.20.25

This is my structure after i had super imposed it, i added shading under the structure where the sun is blocked from the metal shapes, i also added shades on the two people because they didn’t have anything there. when doing the shading i realised the bottom of the metal wasn’t dark enough so i had to darken it because this was also not getting any sun light.


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