At the start of this project i planned to start by mind mapping ideas then moving this through to research which would hopefully give me inspiration or more ideas which could either improve my sketches or totally change them, The process i chose to use for this project went well and it gave me the idea of using shapes to create a public artwork which was also a structure. If i was to re do this project i would try using even more shapes and different materials, I would like to also look at different places that my structure could be placed. When sketching out my my ideas the observable short-term outcome was  in my mind looking plastic with gaps that fit together but when working through the project my intended outcome changed and ended up being made of steel. There was also an unintended out come which was there was no easy way to shade my structure because of the way the sun was on the day i took the pictures, this made it harder to do the shading on the floor. I think the material used would be a really good one to use because being from sheffield makes it be relevant to the steel industry and it is a tough material which shouldn’t brake and can’t be burnt. The main lesson i have learnt from this project would be that i can create amazing shapes and structures using my hands which i couldn’t do on a computer, hopefully this will help me in future projects by making things and capturing them then editing them to get a final outcome.


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